Before you get going on the content it is useful to familiarise yourself with a few hints and tips that can help you study and revise for the exam.

See these top ten exam study tips. Write them down, and summarise in one sentence each tip. Don’t forget these as you revise for this, and other exams.

VCAA Revolutions Exam Homepage

Then go to the VCAA Revolutions exam page. See what the exam conditions are going to be. Don’t be surprised on the day. Knowing what you have to do soothes the nerves. Have a look at a sample answer booklet. Your answer has to fit into these booklets. Look at the exam paper from two previous years, and see if you can discern any pattern to the questions asked, especially on the consequences of the Bolshevik Revolution. Read the exam report from last year’s exam. Write down what students last year did well and what they did poorly. Make sure you do what they did well, and don’t repeat what they did poorly. Learn from their mistakes. 

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